15 Single Vs Married Life Photos, How It Really Is

Relationships are complex and most of us would love to consider ourselves as great lovers and friends with our significant others but, that always isn’t the case which results in both parties going their separate ways or someone choosing to remain single. In which we believe there’s nothing wrong with, we advise people do exactly what makes them happy, if you’d consider yourself a serial monogamous relationship enthusiasts, go for it! If you’re an on the go individual whose main focus is themselves and chooses not to be in a relationship, by all means, do as you please. But, do recognize there are some drastic differences between being single and being taken and these hilarious memes prove exactly that. Take a look for yourself.

Honeymoon Phase Phone ConvosThis is pretty self-explanatory and an argument can be made for a reversal of said image. When single, we usually find ourselves on the go and in a rush to either meet up with friends or strictly keep phone conversations on an information only-based time frame like an unemotional robot. While those who are in relationships tend to get lost in deep conversation. And we’re not talking teenage ‘what’s your favorite color?’ type of convos but, rather those times when you happen to be in transit or at home cooking dinner and forget to notice you’ve been on the phone for an hour an half. Time flies when you’re having fun and special people can do that for you.

Push It To The Limit Or Drive The Speed Limit?
Like we mentioned previously, single folks tend to be on the move quite often while those that are taken don’t appear to live on the edge as much due to their responsibilities and thoughtfulness towards their significant other. No one would want to be with someone who’s spontaneously out all the time or hard to get ahold of because they’re always on the move. Then again, the image above could be a literal representation of how fast one drives when riding by themselves and how cautious one drives when they have someone they love in the passenger seat. We’ll let you be the judge.

When Single, Famine. When Taken, Feast.
Sadly, have you noticed that when you’re single and alone it’s gut-wrenchingly lonely and no one seems to be looking your way at all as the taken ones walk past you with their nose in the air as if you were nothing but a mere peasant begging for shillings in the street? Yeah, we’ve been there and it sucks. But strangely, the exact opposite occurs when freshly taken off the market as it seems every hot guy/girl is making eyes at you as you stroll down the aisles at Whole Foods making you question your decision to be in a relationship… This is nothing but a sick joke played by the universe.

Not Only Are They Your Significant Other, They’re Your Stylist As Well
As a man, going out with your significant other to go shopping can become a practice of extreme patience. Which is why we recommend you either have some entertaining literature available or the reliable Netflix app on deck when out with your lady on a shopping day. The total opposite can occur though as the ladies have a knack for letting their significant other know we’re making terrible financial decisions by purchasing MC Hammer jogger pants and double brimmed Sherlock Holmes hats in hopes of making a personal fashion statement. Trust us bro… she’s helping. For you single fellas, good luck!

To Trim The Hedges Or Not To Trim The Hedges? That Is The Question.
Alright, this meme can be translated in so many ways. Preferably, we’ll take the pervy route with this one. You know how when you’re single you take time out of your day to make sure you manage the ‘bush’ with precision and accuracy? Well, after being with the same partner after awhile the attention to detail tends to go right out the window and the Amazonian in both parties tends to become prevalent with both parties involved. Or, this could be a clear example of how much time you have on your hands when you’re single in compared to those who are taken. We’d like to go with the first translation though.

Dining Habits Drastically Change
This one is blatantly obvious… Whilst single, it tends that seem to have worst eating habits especially when it comes to the fridge. Who knows how long that leftover takeout has been in there, if it passes the smell test, it’s edible when single. But when in a relationship, dining becomes a little more special as we tend to want to impress our significant others with our cooking abilities and wine selection. Regardless if in a relationship or not, you probably perform the smell test on your leftovers for your own safety and health.

Social Media When Single Vs. Taken
Social media can be considered a world for the single while applications like Tinder and Plenty of Fish tend to dominate the app store. Also, it’s all fun and games when you’re spying on your high school crush on Facebook and actually making move via direct message. When in a relationship, social media becomes less of a focus especially when you’re with someone who doesn’t make you want to look at your brightened phone screen because their eyes have the same effect. Cheesy, but true plus you tend to weed out the creeps on your timeline when in an established relationship, it just makes things smoother.

The Underwear Game
This one’s a give in. Of course, once you receive the relationship status of taken, your underwear game goes up, if you’d like to remain taken that is. For the ladies, things get a lot sexier while for the fellas we rid of the old holey undergarments and Spongebob boxers for a more sleeker and supportive boxer brief in nice neutral color schemes. Comfort is key for both parties involved as you’d like to please your significant other with some eye candy but you should hold on to a few of those old pairs for those lazy, lounging days where both of you turn into temporary couch potatoes.

Even Pac-Man Has A Mrs.
The meme above of what could be considered the greatest game of all time can provide us with a relationship lesson. Like we mentioned earlier, the masses tend to flock towards you when you’re taken in hopes of ending your high score on your relationship scoreboard while being single you’re looking to ‘eat’ everything in sight. Even Pac-Man knows not to upset Mrs. Pac-Man. Happy virtual wife, happy virtual life.

The Limitations Of Space
When you’re single, space is no issue. Wanna sleep on your bed sideways? Go for it. Wanna use your dining room table as an art space for your new found love in painting? Who’s stopping ya?! Well… For those on the other side of the coin, in the relationship department, you have to accommodate not only for your better half but for their family and those they hold close to them as well. It’s only the right thing to do… and when in love, it’s the right thing to do. The single people have true freedom in regards to personal space, waking up to a foot on your forehead definitely sparks conversation when in a relationship.

From 40oz To Champagne Bottles
Let’s not get this one twisted, we’re not encouraging the masses to lose themselves and pretend not to be who they really are once in an established relationship but, you should step your game up for your significant other. Every once in awhile, things should get a little fancy. Plus who doesn’t want to get wined and dined now and then? Enjoy a cold brew with your boys every now and then but also develop a champagne palette to impress your lady as well. Better yet, if you can enjoy a cold one with your lover, do so also.

It’s Never Bros Before H*es
Whoever invented the term ‘bros before h*es’ was clearly lost and most likely is lonely now. Plus, we’d hope you wouldn’t refer to your significant other as a h*e as well but, that’s another story… When you’re single we all have time for friends at any given moment but once in a relationship, your time becomes much more precious. If you’d like things to work out, we’d recommend nurturing your boyfriend/girlfriend over going to hang with the fellas or the ladies at the local hotspot. It’s common sense if you think about it. Balance is key.

The ‘Friend’ Request
Majority of us have no problem with accepting a random or even a known friend request without thinking twice about it when single but, once you decide to jump off the diving board and into commitment, things change. Once we get booed up, we tend to become very cautious of who we allow having access to our social media accounts which is nothing but pure wisdom. You wouldn’t want your significant other accepting friend requests from SexxiiiAgentCockTease on Twitter, so think twice when you’re scrolling through your friend request and choose wisely in who you allow in your virtual life.


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