15 Pictures That Can Prove You Have A Dirty Mind

As human beings, one of the biggest evolutionary traits that came to us is the ability to recognize patterns. Don’t believe us? Look up at the night sky and what do you see? You’ll notice that suddenly those random dots in the sky won’t seem so random. You’ll start seeing patterns, you’ll see the constellations etc. So this ability of pattern recognition goes far back and clearly acts beneficiary.

But for every action, there’s a reaction to it, isn’t it? So this unique ability of pattern recognition also makes one see patterns which don’t exist. Like the cover image, the innocent girl was just having an ice cream but that didn’t cross your mind at first, did it? So your dirty mind compelled you to think otherwise, so we’d like to present you 15 such images that if you have a dirty mind, you’ll have no problem in recognizing what’s wrong in them.

Want to see them? Scroll down!

1. Just an ice cream

2. A banana

3. A bubble

4. A mushroom

5. Nice knees

6. We can explain…

The kid’s mom sells shovels, no she isn’t what you’re thinking.

7. Kid draws a giraffe

8. Kid draws a whistle

9. It’s just a bread

10. Molluscs

11. Rooney and Ronaldo

12. Kid was enacting a child birth

13. Tongue tricks

14. Child draws his mum

Kid draws his mom, look carefully it’s a handbag.

15. Santa Claus


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