15 People Who Accidentally Became The Part Of Walmart Fail

We must admit, modern fashion doesn’t make a lot of sense. There are people wearing clothes made of meat, some dress like a snake and what not. Modern fashion like modern art is something that evades understanding and general logic as to why are some things so damn expensive. Unfortunately, things on the opposite side of the spectrum don’t make any sense either. Some of the things are so bizarre that terms like Walmart people or Walmart fashion are coined exclusively for them.

Nevertheless, we’d like to show you glimpses of such Walmart fashion that it almost raises the question as to why would someone adopt such a fashion sense. Want to see 20+ instances of such Walmart fashion? Scroll down.

1. Well, what do we say?


2. Should we tell him?

3. Too much exposure?

We’d like to recommend to the manufacturer that dresses like this should come with a suitable age limit.

4. Kermit the frog?

Our intel suggests that she came straight from her School’s annual function.

5. What a baby!

When someone said that one must keep the baby inside him/her alive despite aging, this isn’t what he/she meant.

6. Just why?

Why would she wear something that resembles a diaper? Walmart fashion at its best.

7. They see him rollin

They see him rollin, they hatin. Thug life personified.

8. Tattoo 101

In this lesson of tattoo 101, we’ll teach you what kind of tattoo to not have. This tops the list.

9. This is just soo wrong


He seems like a fan of the God of War game but damn! That’s some level of dedication.

10. Sexy back

We told you that we’ll bring sexy back, didn’t we? Sexy – back you see what we did there? Ok we’ll stop now.

11. Ballin

12. He has some game

While we’re living in 2017, this guy is living in 3017. That’s some pick up line we must admit.

13. Are they natural?

They don’t seem natural to us. We wonder are they balloons or silicon implants?

14. What kind of fashion is that?

“Hey honey, I’ll need your high heels, they’ll match my pink undies.”

15. She has stated her preferences.



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