15 Nastiest Walmart Girls Caught On Security Camera

Walmarts are a fact of life in the United States. They are the go-to store for millions of people everyday, but sometimes the ladies who like to shop at Walmart forget to put on enough clothes. Join us as we explore the wacky women of Walmart.

Apparently wearing pants is not a requirement when shopping at Walmart.

Click next to continue. #4 will drop your jaw!

No bra day at Walmart.

Another girl who forgot to wear pants to Walmart. I’m seeing a trend here.

I see some juicy melons on aisle three.

Now that’s a tight dress.

Who likes short shorts? We like short shorts.

What’s she going to do with those large carrots? Makes the mind reel.

Yes honey, you’re still wearing undies. Thanks for checking.

Bra? Check. Thong shorts? Check. Skanky high heels? Check. Stripper? Check, check, check.

Barbie goes shopping in Walmart.

Which one do you want? The one in the back? The way, way back?

Apparently you don’t need to wear undies in the parking lot of Walmart either.

Umm, ma’am? You skirt hiked up just a bit there.

Sexy grandma? Scary grandma? You decide.

That is one short dress.

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