15 Banned Controversial Films Which Will Not Let You Sleep At Night

Hollywood always creates such an authentic and realistic movie which happens in real life. I always like horror movie based on the paranormal activities happens in real life. This types of movies always wince me at night further I can’t watch it alone.

I know we all like to love such things which are restricted from our elders. insurgency criteria in our blood further lead us to break the boundaries of restrictions. Or we do it for our entertainments.

Let’s forget all these things and have a look at what I have collected all facts for you. The films banned due to some controversial or some weird scenes are listed below.

just scroll down and look at your own risk.

A Clockwork Orange- Crime based movie

This movie is based on brutal crime scenes movie while it is released in 1971. This movie totally based on crimes. In this movie, a girl kidnapped and confined for rape and further murdered. The movie banned because director takes scenes from the British screens and contains sexually harassment.

2.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre- Psycho killer movie

This movie is a horror story movie in which five friends are murdered by a psycho chainsaw killer. This movie is a fictitious story based movie further it inspired by the real life of butcher Ed. Gein. The movie banned in some countries due to its violent scenes.

3. The Green Inferno-Full violent movie


This Green Inferno released in 2003 whose story is based on the experimental trips done by two students in the Amazon. Their plane crashes and they trapped by a Hungry tribe. This movie also banned in some countries due to its violent and murderer scenes.

4.The Human Centipede- The horror one

This horror movie released in 2009 whose story relates to a mad scientist. I would like to insist you to watch this movie for one time. This movie will further lead you to fear and it has three sequel parts. Their sequel banned in the UK and also in Australia sometimes.

5. Scarface- Real-life based movie

This movie is based on an American mobster who is known as a crime boss. This movie contains so many bold and violent scenes. It also banned in the America because it opens a door for crime scenes for others.

6.Spit On Your Grave- The Revenge story

This movie based on the real-life story of a writer who kidnapped and raped. Further, she left for dead but the girl takes revenge from the culprit one by one. This one banned in Canada, Ireland, Norway and Germany. further, a censored version has made.

7. The Last Temptation of Christ- Full journey of Jesus Christ

Martin Scorsese an American director makes a movie related to the life of Jesus. This American drama movie made in 1988 which shows the pain, fear and lust of Jesus struggle during his life. It banned in many countries and still banned in Singapore and Philippines.

8. Hostel- The horror movie

An American horror movie made in 2005 which tells the story of two friends travelling across the Europe and stay in a haunted hostel. This movie contains so many brutal and violent scenes hence it is hard to watch alone. It banned in several countries including Ukraine and New Zealand.

9.The Last House On The Left- An American horror movie

An American horror movie released in 1972 and based on the two criminals who escaped from the jail. Further, they raped two girls brutally and stay for a night at her house. When their parents come to know their identity, they decided to take revenge. This movie further banned in several countries in the 1980s and 1990s due to bold scenes.

10. Battle Royale- Deathmatch Game movie

This Japanese movie shot in the year 2000, while this movie theory is similar to Hunger Games. The teenagers bounded to take part in deathmatch game by the governments. This one banned in Germany and later the banned removed.

11. A Serbian Film- Based on life of pornstar

A Serbian horror movie made in the year 2010. The story based on the retired pornstar who gets a job offer and decided to do for the sake of her family. This movie totally based on sexual intercourse and psychiatric order. Banned continues in many countries including Spain, Germany, Austraila etc.

12. Salò or the 120 Days of Sodom- Based on kidnapping

The movie based on the story of 18 teenagers who kidnapped and tortured for four months. This movie contains so many violent, brutal and sex scenes. Several countries banned this movie including Iran.

13.Nekromantik- A horror movie

A horror movie shot in West Germany in 1987 hence totally based on sexual intercourse with a dead body. It further banned in all over the world.

14.Antichrist- Another horror movie

Antichrist a horror movie shot in the year 2009. This movie story is something weird, the couple in this movies does strange things after they buried their dead child. This movie contains sex scenes and banned in France in the year 2016

15.Canibal Holocaust- real-life based movie

An Italian movie based on the real-life story of Cannibal tribe lives on Amazon. This movie contains so many brutal scenes and further leads to the exploitation of animals. There is a rumour regarding this movie that some actors really killed in this movie. This is impossible to believe, but for more details, you have to watch the full movie. This movie also banned in several countries.


This is not just the end stay tuned with us for more adventurous articles and facts regarding your favourite Hollywood movies and other topics too.


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