15 Most Adorable Make Out Experience That Every Couple Should Try!

You’re on your first date, and you don’t exactly know what to do. Yes, this is kind of a been-there-done-that situation, you don’t even know whether you should just shake hands or hug. But there are times when you feel like you know the person from a very long time and hence lip locking is something that you don’t feel awkward about. But even if you don’t do it on your first date, you definitely do it, well after some dates. And when that happens, you can’t help but feel colors bursting all around you. For the ones who are yet to have their first make out experience, this article’s for you!

Here are 15 most adorable make out experience that every couple should try at least once!

1. Summer camp is actually a lot of experiences combined in one experience!

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I was at summer camp at the end of session dance, it was on a tennis court, and it was the kid I had a crush on all of summer camp. We were kind of like, dancing, and then “Mr. Brightside” came on and we made out. Then we got in trouble for making out, and they made us sit on opposite sides of the gym, but we ended up going back to the dance. We made out more later in hiding.

2. Before Sunset make out experience?

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My first kiss was my freshman year of college with a girl who was way more experienced. I had never kissed or hooked up with anyone before, and she was from London and so cool and had already had three girlfriends in her lifetime. I didn’t tell her it was my first kiss, because I didn’t want it to be a big deal. One day we skipped class and had a picnic in Prospect Park and we talked so long we ended up watching the sunset. It was like a movie.


3. Make out experience in a bush hiding from your parents. Well!

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My first kiss happened in a bush next to my house. I was 17 and my boyfriend met me to walk the dog. We were planning on kissing, but we were too chicken to do it around my neighborhood in case someone I knew saw. So we ended up going back to my house in my driveway where my parents couldn’t see, and we had our first make out in a bush.


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