14 Interesting Facts About Sperm That Will Blow Up Your Mind

You remember how you search for something and it magically turns into sex illustrations. Well, I bet you haven’t seen it all. These love making illustrations on the internet is going to leave you dumbstruck.

A fair warning. This is going to freak you out!

Here are by far the most terrifying sex illustrations on the internet!

1. Autofellatio.

Well, this pretty much looks like the famous 69 position minus the partner. But wait, does that mean the boys can give themselves a blow job? doesn’t sound much cool does it? And the artist probably didn’t think about the number of joints the guy has to break in order to land himself in that position!

sex illustrations on the internetvia

2. Multi-Penis intercourse.

Okay, first of all, the ratio of women who like the idea of having a multi-penis intercourse to the women who hate the idea is quite low. And personally, it quite scares me and disgusts me to think of myself as a wine bottle who needs two corkscrews simultaneously.

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3. Repeated War Hole.

Well, the artist did completely succeed in finding ways to make even Wikipedia “hide” the illustration. And this is definitely something that would get us into trouble.Even if it’s “just” the drawing. Some people are familiar with this particular position all too well. While others are yet to taste the deep waters! (Okay, that was gross!)

sex illustrations on the internetvia

4. The Facial.

Well, adult film makers are crazy, and so is this artist. This is really something that makes me wanna throw up real bad. I mean why would you want to have your face covered with something that is really not supposed to be there!

sex illustrations on the intermetvia

5. The Team Work.

And here comes something which is one step ahead of the two penis thing. We all know what this is “known” as in pornography. And now we get it in artwork as well. And I really have no idea how the woman looks happy? If this is what pops up next time I open an educational website. I rather do the job myself!

sex illustrations on internetvia

6. Nipple Artifacts.

Okay, this woman looks like someone’s grandmother. At least you could’ve made the picture look little bearable rather than giving us an image of someone’s grandma seducing a younger woman!

sex illustrations on internetvia

7. Masturbation Extended.

I get the fact that Men think of having sex more than women do. But was it necessary to make it seem more obvious? Now we have an image of a man masturbating impossibly!

sex illustrations on the internetvia

8. Excited Blowjobs.

And next time when a little girl who’s barely a teen opens up the net to finish off her homework, she can get this beautiful image of a girl pretty excited about a blowjob. Mind you she was just looking for her homework when the web page decided to display THIS!

sex illustrations on the internetvia

9. Phone Sex.

Now that is something which the majority of us are familiar with. And if you’re a newbie to the whole long distance relationship thing, this phone sex illustrations will surely help you “understand” it better.

sex illustrations on the internetvia

10. Fisting.

This illustration is wrong on so many levels can simply can’t be defined. Which fistee on Earth makes that face while acting like a puppet of her own hand?

sex illustrations on the internetvia

11. Werewolf?

I mean I get it and you can get too deeply indulged with the whole blowjob scenario. But who the hell gets so aggressive? Peace out buddy!

sex illustrations on the internetvia

12. What are they trying to do?

I really have no idea what is this? And where you can get to see the full image. If you stumble across this picture. Do let me know what is this all about!

sex illustrations on the internetvia


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