12 Times White People Took Things Too Far

White people are known for doing the silliest things sometimes. Here are examples of 12 times white people just took things a little too far.

#1 Pregnancy shot

This couple thought it would be funny to take before and after pregnancy shots, and then include the baby in the after picture. Come on.. seriously?

#2 Wife uses squirrel as weapon

This wife used a squirrel to stab her husband, how is this possible? How does someone stab another person with a squirrel? Did she use the teeth specifically?

#3 Single shave

Is this a joke? This takes loneliness to another level. He shaved one of his legs to imagine being with a girl. This is just embarrassing.

#4 Kidnap date

This guy just kidnapped this girl in the middle of the night to take her on a date. Who does that?? He should probably be put in jail.

#5 Chicken nugget tattoo

We all love fast food, but I think white people have a special love and desire for it. Chicken nuggets for the win!

#6 Pinecone Boy

This young man is a straight up porcupine, how much hair gel do you need? Oh.. and he also threw a pinecone for some reason.

#7 Hands On

Okay.. This teacher takes a crazy approach to teaching. What in the world is she trying to teach and how did she get hired to do so?

#8 Do you want to go to prom?

Come on man really? You got “Prom?” tattooed on you to ask a girl to prom? This is insane.. Theres no way she would reject the offer after that effort, but what a crazy situation!

#9 Pocket rocket fire

This is absurd, he actually did the dirty with a hot pocket. This guy needs to sign up on an online dating site or something. How could someone possibly do this?

#10 One day..

Really? A one-day anniversary.. LOL! They clearly have never been in a relationship before. Celebrating a one day anniversary is hilarious.. at least wait a couple months.

#11 Ramen noodle tub?

We know cup of noodle can be a great go to dinner option, but you want to bathe in it? Thats kinda gross. He’s going to get out of that tub smelling like chicken and processed noodles.

#12 Shrek marriage

Everyone loves Shrek and the movies but this takes it way too far… How can you dress up like the characters on your wedding day? White people just take things too far sometimes.



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