12 Stunning Moms Who Look The Same Age As Their Daughters

Some people age like good wine, and if we’re lucky, we’ll be one of those people. Everyone ages differently and genes happen to have a great toll on appearance. Therefore, it comes down to having those good genes are going to make you look like you’re 30 when you’re actually 50.

For some people, those genes are really good, a little too good. Wouldn’t you love to be mistaken as a sister instead of a mother? Some people have that luxury. Here are 12 moms and their daughters who look so alike, you can’t tell who’s the mom and who’s the daughter.

1. The Mahomes have two twin girls, both are 18 years old. It just so happen that their mom, Tina (in the middle), looks like she’s a sister. How old do you really think she is?

36 years old… 36 years old and doesn’t look a day over 25.

2. Here’s another trio of two sisters and a mom. Can you tell which two are sisters?

Althea Ennis, in the middle, is 41 while her two daughters are 25 and 26.

3. Here’s a picture of Xenia Rappoport, a 42-year-old Russian actress and her daughter Aglaya, who is 22. They look more like twins like sisters.

4. The good genes strike again with 43-year-old Bayan Yessentayeva and her 20-year-old daughter Aissaule.

They’re natural beauty leaves us all a little jealous. Let’s all hope we have the same luck!

5. On the right is Georgie Smedley, a 44-year-old woman. On the left is 21 year old Jazz, her daughter.

6. Here’s a mother daughter night out at the club, but it sure doesn’t look like it! Jazmyne Wardell, 21, and her mot


her Natalie Wardell, 45, look like two girlfriends going out to the club for an fun night. Jazmyne is picture on the right and her hot mama is on the left.


7. Julia Bordovsky, a 47-year-old journalist and TV presenter, is pictured on the right. Her 18 year old daughter, Maria, is on the left.

8. Pictured is Polina Maximova, a 27-year-old Russian actress and her mother, Svetlana. Svetlana, on the left, is 50 years old.

9. 52-year-old British model, Yasmin Le Bon, and her daughter, don’t look even year apart. Amber, 27, is picture lying down while Yasmin, the brunette, is sitting.

10. Rochelle Dale, on the right, is 23 years old. Her mother, Pav, is on the right. While Pav looks like a college girl in her 20’s, she’s actually 53.

11. Jerry Hall, 60 years of age, is pictured on the left. Her daughter, Lizzy Jagger, is 32 and is pictured on the right.

12. People have a hard time telling Denicia, 41, and her daughter, Deja Conley, 22, apart. Denicia is pictured on the right, and her daughter is on the left.

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