12 Strange Self Pleasuring Habits People Admit to be Having

Once an individual reaches puberty, he or she starts to have carnal tendencies. As people grow older, they start to develop their own intimate interests. Even if people don’t have a partner, they could simply imagine or watch a video while they please themselves. Still, not everyone pleasures the same way.

Just check out what these users from Reddit had to say about these habits.

1. He always kept his legs straight.

Apparently keeping the legs straight adds intensity.

2. This guy uses vegetable oil instead of actual lube.

Yes, vegetable oil can also make things slippery, but why would you even do that? Don’t be surprised when ants start moving towards you.

3. Every guy knows this feeling.

It’s that funny moment when you’re already relaxed and you feel disgusted with the condition you are in.

4. He didn’t think properly.

One of the worst feelings in the world is to feel something on your face that is totally unexpected.

5. Does this make it more enjoyable?

When you meet a lefty, you will not wonder if he uses that same hand to do that deed.

6. This is too disgusting!

This is such a dirty habit and no one should copy what this guy does.

7. He has very scary fantasies.

Even if he does fantasize about his classmates getting raped, this does not mean that he is also going to be a rapist.

8. Every guy knows how to browse sensitive content privately.

If you didn’t have your own laptop or tablet back then, it only made sense that you would use the incognito mode every time you watch sensitive content.

9. If you don’t have anyone to have intercourse with, you can always create an artificial intercourse hole.

Just don’t expect this to be as enjoyable once you’ve reached orgasm and you want someone to cuddle with.

10. We all have our own weird fantasies.

However, I don’t understand why hairy adults would make a person feel so excited.

11. Now this is hilarious!

If you’re wondering, there really is a relatively big group of people who like wearing animal suits whenever they participate in an intercourse.

12. When the evidence was incrimenting.

This is what you do to save tissues!


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