12 Photos You Really Need To Look At To Understand

Illusions… They’re around you everyday but we don’t see them, hence the illusion. Have you ever stared at an image, expecting to see something different?

Five, ten minutes pass and you still can’t spot the difference. Then all of a sudden, once you do see the difference, you can’t unsee it. That’s the beauty of an optical illusion… because once you see it, there’s really no going back at that point.

Here are 16 photos with the craziest illusions. Look closely, can you spot them?

1. That looks like one really colorful caterpillar, right? Well, look closer, it’s actually a row of birds sitting on a branch.

2. Now here’s a picture that’s really giving the illusion that there’s a dog’s head on a human’s body. As much as we wish it were real, the owner just hid his head behind his pup’s and this was the result.

3. The pros of being in crystal clear waters? You can use the reflection of your boat to give off the super cool illusion that you’re floating!

4. I wish I could say that having a super long arm would be an advantage for this player, but it doesn’t really work that way in soccer. At least these two players are unintentionally in perfect alignment, making it look like there’s one macho arm in the team.

5. I can’t tell if the leopard tights in a leopard tiled ground were intentional or not. Regardless, this woman really has created the illusion that she has no legs!

6. Wow, that is one really hairy, buff arm attached to the blonde girl on the right! If you look closely, you’ll see that it’s actually just the leg of the guy sitting right next to her.


7. This one definitely required a double take. It looks like the guy is super petite, leaning over the couch, but it’s actually just the unique angle of the picture as his girlfriend hugs him from behind the couch.

8. These bridesmaids, and their groomsmen, all look significantly shorter than the bride and groom themselves. It may appear that there’s a disproportion of height, but the girls are actually all sitting on the extended knee of the groomsmen, making an illusion for the camera.

9. Here’s a case that really had me concerned at the beginning. It looks like the man has a stump in the place of his hand with a bandage wrapped over it. Is he hurt? Well, that’s actually not his arm. If you pay attention, you can see that it’s just the shoulder and arm of the girl he’s embracing in the picture.

10. This is actually phenomenal. At first glance, it looks like there are two cars parked next to one another, a convertible and a van. But if you look closely, you can actually see that the convertible is painted onto the van. Now, that is some real artistic talent!

11. Before you get too overwhelmed by the girl who appears to be showing her crotch on camera… you should know, it’s just her cleavage!

12. Oh, the havoc that would erupt if David Beckham actually had an arm that was miniature, like he appears to have in this picture. No nee to panic, it’s actually just the arm of the guy in the background… this is how rumors start!

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