12 Hilarious Online Shopping Fails

Online shopping: easy, convenient, and all at the click of a button. It is perhaps one of the the greatest inventions of our time… except when we get our items delivered and they look nothing like what we ordered online.

A picture may speak a thousand words but it doesn’t always tell the truth. Whether its clothing, furniture or jewelry, the image doesn’t always do the item justice and often times we end up with a product we don’t even really want.

It happens to the best of us. Here are 20 of the funniest online shopping tragedies.

1: I guess sometimes we get so blown away by the visuals that we forget to check the actual measurements of the product.

2: Maybe the ad forgot to mention that this jacket was made particularly for small breeds. Or maybe the buyer just forgot to read the description.

3: Here’s a converse rucksack that really did not meet the expectations of a buyer. But hey, at least the buyer got creative and made good use of it!

4: There’s times where the seller is not to blame at all… Here’s a case where the buyer simply forgot to click the “color” box on the online order. Happens to the best of us, but don’t let it happen again!

5: Just imagine anticipating for the delivery of a pair of jeans and putting these on after the long wait. I don’t know if I would laugh or cry, but I definitely would not go out wearing those unless I’m attending a “No Shoes Allowed” gala.

6: Here’s another case of excitement over rational thinking. I know the cute Christmas sweater is exciting, but don’t forget to order the right size!

7: Online shopping is already a risky business. Online shopping for swimsuits? Definitely setting yourself up for doom!

8: My rule is: if it’s sheer, best to try it on before purchasing.

9: Nobody’s perfect… Even puppy themed floral arrangements.

10: It still remains uncertain as to who and what this stand is intended for. If it is actually meant to be a TV stand for people, than the seller has a long way to go.

11: I’m not exactly sure what she was expecting when she ordered shiny leather socks, but I hope her expectations weren’t too high…

12: This is the perfect example of why shopping for clothes online is not always such a good idea. It is convenient when you don’t have to go through the hassle of trying on outfits; but then again, if you don’t try it on, you might end up with an outfit that doesn’t please.

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