10 Things Men Want Us To Do In The Bedroom

Men are not always interested in the 50 shades of gray things, most of the time; they want affection and tenderness from their woman. Behind locked doors and under the sheets, men are as vulnerable as can be. Therefore, for all the females out there that want to maintain a consistency in their relationships, following the 15 things mentioned below will definitely make your man be a sucker for your love. Although, it may seem like he wants to take the lead, sometimes you need to take the lead in order to provide him with everything he deserves.

He Wants You to Take Initiative

In mostly all relationships, the man is the one that starts the intimacy for the night. However, sometimes they just want their woman to do so. When the woman asks for it, it boosts the man’s self-esteem and assures him that she loves him only.

Being Ready

Guys get turned on when his girl is ready for the “big night.” Sometimes the man wants his woman to take a condom around with her as it shows him how you are mature and ready for this relationship. Being understanding will lead you both to a happier life.

Saying Yes

Feeling uncomfortable or beating around the bush when it comes to sex talk gets boring for guy really quick. According to sources, making love shows a guy how much you love him and if you are turning him down, he will start to feel rejected.

Let His Eyes Wander

Men like looking at their woman’s body therefore; you need to be ok with that. Whether you have a muffin top, stretch marks or any other flaw, you need to know your man will not you no matter what. In addition, willing to show your body will make him feel confident about the love you are giving him.

Be Vocal about Your Needs

There is a high chance that your man is horrible at readying your mind, which is why you will need to tell him what you want or what you are expecting that night. This will not only make you hotter in his eyes but it will allow him to see how willing you are to do things for him.


Guys begin to feel very insecure when they cannot get an erection, and they do not want their woman to make a big deal out of it. Being the good partner that you are, you need to distract him from thinking about this so he can feel confident again.

Praise Him

Whether you are in the bedroom or not, men loving being praised. However, they love receiving praises even more when they are giving you their best. Even if he is not doing everything right, encourage him so he can feel good about his efforts.

Skin Flicks Are Ok To Watch

Men are turned on when they visually seen something therefore, explicit films are so popular amongst them. Although, females tend to take this the wrong way, they need to understand that this is not a form of cheating and that their man still loves them.

Say His Name Passionately

When you and your man are in an intimate moment, you must say his name. Whether you choose to whisper it in his ear, scream it or croon it, just make sure he hears it. This will make him feel like he is the most important person for you because he truly is.
Make Sounds

Guys absolutely hate it when their woman does not make sounds when they are getting it on. This confuses the man as he begins to feel that he is not doing his job well enough. A moan or a loud gasp will definitely motivate him to perform better.

They like Foreplay

Similar to females, men like it when women tease and slowly build up the sexual tension. If your man is not doing any foreplay, there is a chance that he may feel that you are not interested. You must tease him and touch him, just the way you want to be.

Take Away His Fear

Men have many fantasies, but they are hesitant in sharing them. Therefore, as his partner, you must make sure you are giving him enough assurance so he can trust you and tell you all his fantasies. Make an effort in trying to do so, so he knows that you are worth keeping.

Let the Lingerie Do The Talking

When buying lingerie, a woman puts in hours of surveying just to determine the “right” piece. However, they do not wear it when the time comes. This is a common mistake by females because they need to be aware of the fact that their man wants to see them in these sexy two pieces.


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