15 Steamy Pictures Of Famous Models Clad In Nothing But A Towel

Mario Testino, the legendary Peruvian fashion and portrait photographer has worked for many fashion campaigns and top magazines like Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair to name a few, and his work is a pure marvel. His photography skills are well renowned but what really took our (and most of the world’s) interest is his exclusive project of ‘Towel Series’ that the ace photographer has been working on since a pretty long time now.

Pristine and pretty in white towels and/or bathrobes, the sensuous beauties – comprising of supermodels and actresses – are a treat to the eyes. Testino has not ignored the need of some eye-tonic for women; his towel series collection also features some virile and chiseled beasts (you would love to be devoured by them) shot in white towels either dripping down their abdomen or just barely there….

From Kate Moss to Kristen Stewart and Cristiano Ronaldo, he has clicked them all, but not without being wary of the fact that there’s a lot of editorial vetting that goes in a fashion photo shoot meant for social media. In the words of Testino, “‘The Towel Series’ is a private club.” But he finds it liberating and considers it close to “something of a liberating lens” in the fashion industry.

Though he leaves nothing to the imagination, your imaginations will run wild with these sensual pictures of towel-clad models we have picked up from his remarkable collection of Instagram goodies.

Kate Moss – the original muse of ‘Towel Series’.

“When I first began using Instagram, I was at a shoot with Kate Moss and I saw her in her dressing room after a shower-she was in a robe and a towel on her head and I just decided to capture that moment and post it,” says Testino.

He had no plans of starting off with a series of towel-clad photography but he continued clicking backstage at shoots and before the maestro realized, his talent had won him an amazing number of followers and unlimited likes. He adds, “It’s such a new way of communicating.”


















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