10 Epic Fails Of Fans Who Had Cosmetic Surgery To Look Like Their Favorite Star

In the whole world, there are many fans who admire their favorite star, love them and most of them try to look like them. There are few who are their duplicate, few of them spend lots of money to see them live and also there are few who take things to another level. We are going to discuss the fans who went through a cosmetic surgery to look like their favorite star but fails to look like them.

A Dr. Amy Wechsler is a dermatologist and specialist from New York. He got a patient or one of the fans who has gone to a specialist for a cosmetic surgery just to look like his favorite star Brad Pitt. There was this feeling of the Dr., ‘My life will be so much better on the off chance that I had this current individual’s X, Y or Z.’ It can turn into a fixation or can turn into epic fails.”

Many of the people also got effects on the body of dysmorphia. It is a mental condition in which one ends up with a fixated deformities in their body. There are few specialists who suggest not to do this cosmetic surgery as it may give bad effect to your body. But same time there are few of them who are just happy to take the cash. The following cosmetic surgery cases took things to different levels and shocked everyone. After doing cosmetic surgery these fans didn’t look like their favorite star and even their own face is changed and resulted in epic fails.

1. This Girl Had 50 Surgeries To Look Like Angelina Jolie

Iranian girl who became an Internet sensation after she did cosmetic surgery 50 times just to look like her favorite Hollywood star Angelina Jolie. The Iranian girl Sahar Tabar posted her beautiful pictures on Instagram. She has 3,00,000 followers, she informed them by posting pictures and said, “do anything” to look like your favorite stars. As soon as she posted her picture after surgery, trollers started trolling her and said she looked more “Zombie” then Jolie.

However, she posted that her new look was made by using Photoshop and cosmetics. Sahar Tabar said, My fans got that this is not my real face. At present, I can see that I have something same like Angelina Jolie. Well, this is something different to be noticed.

2. “Cheated” Fan Wants To Be The Next David Beckham

This fan was offended by his favorite star David Beckham. This morning watcher was hurt when Jack Johnson was uncovered. He spent more than $25,000 on his cosmetic surgery just to look like his favorite star David Beckham. Jack Johnson told the hosts, “I cherish his way of life, I adore the way he looks. On the off chance that I appear as though him I feel vastly improved about myself inside.”

The host questioned him, “How are you going to follow David Beckham’s way of living. He ended up as a well known and one of the best footballers, What can you do? Jack Johnson replied, I don’t have any idea, I will do anything.”



3. These Twins Both Tried To Like Brad Pitt – But Failed

The Twin Siblings Matt and Mike Schlepp are from Arizona. These two siblings spent more than $25,000 on cosmetic surgery just to look like their favorite Hollywood star Brad Pitt. But unfortunately, they didn’t get the exact result. At the age of 21, the MTV’s I Want A Famous Face. They faced a lot of difficulty in surgery including a nose, cheek, jaw. They added 41 porcelain facade fitted.

On the show, Matt said, it was just impossible, as there was much trouble. I can do it more ten times. It has helped me to get more girls. I will walk and can get the young girl and hear the whisper. Mike added I have got such a good change that sweethearts are just crying to come to me.

4. He Thought Ryan Gosling Surgery Would Bring In More Work

There are plenty of ways to perform and to become a successful star in Hollywood. Some of them try expensive training, others try different things and some goes under the glamorous to get spotted. Nicholas Ryan chose to get a cosmetic surgery done so he can look like his favorite star Rayn Gosling.

He interacted with Daily Mail and said, I needed to be more conscious of my jaw bone as Ryan Gosling. At present, he has a great look and many people in America are looking for this look in my profession. I hope that I will get more good parts in the event as I Look like Ryan Gosling. And this is why I had done surgery. He also told that it cost around $5,000 for the surgery.

Fails Fans Cosmetic Surgery Favorite Star

5. She Had Her Ribs Removed To Look Like Jessica Rabbit

One of the most shocking cosmetic surgery ever done. Pixee Fox has removed six ribs just to look like her favorite Jessica Rabbit. Now she has 16-inch abdomen and 30J bust. This was a difficult method so it was not done earlier but she went under the blade and tried to resemble her toon. Pixee fox has influenced a vocation to many experts and so she dresses as a Wonder Woman and Disney Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

6. She Deeply Regrets Asking To Look Like Pamela Anderson

Sha Ross was seen in MTV’s show I want a Famous Face. She was 19-years-old and has a long playboy mate. Her sights were fixed to look simply like the Baywatch darling Pamela Anderson. She has done a lot of cosmetic surgery including insertion of lips, bosom, liposuction.

After 10 years, Ross says that having surgery is something for which she is now crying. On MTV show she told, I don’t recognize myself. I simply find myself a 19-year-old dream smasher.

7. She Didn’t Quite Get The Miranda Kerr Look Right

A South Korean fan Hong Yuh Reum wanted to look like her favorite golden calf Miranda Kerr. She had done cosmetic surgery on her eyes and nose to look like her. In the show Alien Virus, Reum told, When I first saw Kerr in the magazine it just struck me. She has such an amazing face and she is just provocative.

In spite the fact that her psyche was noticed to resemble Victoria’s Secret model those near her endeavored to alter her opinion.


8. Would you be able to Guess Which Pop Queen He Wanted To Look Like?

TLC’s strange addiction shows stunned a considerable measure of watchers with Adam Guerra’s admission. He has undergone 18 cosmetic surgery to look like her favorite Pop Queen Madonna. He spent more than $175,000 on the cosmetic surgery but is still on our epic fails list. Los Angeles created Adam and said let him know, “I would not date a 56-year-old lady.”

Now, he says he has problems on concerning his personality. When he was 15, he became enamored with Madonna.

9. He Paid $100k To Look Like Justin Bieber

A mad fan of Hollywood singer Justin Beiber. Toby Sheldon’s favorite star is Justin and he paid over $1,00,000 to a specialist just to look like him. He showed it on the TV in My Strange Addiction and revealed about his surgery. Sheldon did surgery of cheeks, sanctuary, lips, and button and added liposuction and fat infusions. And he decreased a temple and jaw. He said They day when I will die will be the time I will quit looking like Justin Bieber but fails to understand that he will lose his own identity.

Unfortunately, in 2015, Sheldon was not found and later was confirmed that he is dead in San Fernando Valley.

10. He Is The Ultimate Kim Kardashian Wannabe

James Parke a 25-year-old fan of Kim Kardashian. As he is one of the biggest fans of Kim he went under the cosmetic surgery to look like her. On the British TV show, he said, he had two nose surgery, a jaw embeds, neck liposuction and eyebrows inked. Also a lip filler, cheek filler. He has spent more than £130,000 to look like Kim and it finished around six or seven years but is one of the epic fails.



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